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Quentin Thévenard plays the magician at Ô Bon Pain

Quentin Thévenard plays the magician at Ô Bon Pain
The Ô Bon Pain bakery at Le Pélican hotel in Annecy continues to surprise us!

For the end-of-year celebrations, the pastry chef of the gourmet restaurant La Voile at the famous Impérial Palace hotel, Quentin Thévenard, has designed the yule log menu, for your greatest pleasure...

We couldn't resist the urge to ask him a few questions and let you into the confidence 😉

Interview with Quentin Thévenard

Hello Quentin, your journey inspires us with great admiration! St Barths, Switzerland, Yoann Conte now the Imperial Palace, how did you fall into the pot?
A bit by chance. I was oriented to be a cook, then, during my studies, the interest for pastry took over. I like the precision, finesse and technicality that this job requires and to perfect my experience, I spent seasons in different regions, countries, with different chefs.

You suggested 6 logs. What were your sources of inspiration for this mission?
I took over the entire pastry department of the Ô Bon Pain bakery at the beginning of June 2022, a new experience in a brand new 4-star hotel, Le Pélican. Logs were a new challenge for which I wanted to offer seasonal products such as exotic fruits, oranges, but also local products such as Savoy apples and blueberries. Simple and gourmet things to please the greatest number.

To draw a parallel with the news and football, we know that the collective leads to success, I believe that is also your credo?
Of course, the team is essential. It is together that we can move forward and go further. I am extremely lucky that she has been following me for a while in my various positions. It makes work easier, we understand each other faster and they know exactly what I want.

Little indiscretion, what is your favorite log?
La Tatin-Vanille embodies what I was telling you earlier, simplicity and indulgence. Savoie apples baked in the oven with caramel, a tender fleur de sel caramel, the smoothness of a vanilla crème brûlée (my favorite dessert 😁) and the lightness of a vanilla mousse. Without forgetting the apple almond biscuit cake, a bit like an apple four-quarter that we all ate in our childhood. I hope you like it as much as I do...

Do you have other projects with Le Pélican hotel?
In the immediate future the galettes des rois which will arrive at the beginning of January for sure. For the rest, I entered through the lower door which overlooks the Ô Bon Pain bakery but it seems to me that there is a staircase that goes up to the Ô Bon Bec restaurant 😉… so business to follow…

Thank you Quentin, you arouse our curiosity…

So, if Quentin's creations have made your mouth water too, go quickly to Ô Bon Pain!