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Cristal Spa: dive into well-being in all its forms

The Pélican Hotel and the Impérial Palace in Annecy, both owned by the Groupe PVG, offer an exceptional spa located on the banks of the blue lake in a space devoted to treatments and well-being. The Cristal Spa at the Impérial Palace won first place at the 2019 Gala Spa Awards in the Mountain Spa category. Just a stone’s throw from the four-star Pélican Hotel, it offers exclusive access to a truly relaxing experience. Get ready to indulge in truly unique comfort.
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Histoire d'eau

A tale of time and water at the Impérial Palace

Treat yourself to an initiatory journey through the Cristal Spa to discover the charms of a space devoted to bodily well-being and deep, sensory experiences. Get ready for pure pleasure, unhurriedly allowing yourself to take care of your mind, body and soul. This is a return to your roots through water in all its forms, whether bubbles, jets, steam, showers or waterfalls. It floats like an ephemeral veil in the silence of the sauna, a silky, evaporating mist in the steam room, and a sensual, vibrant surge in the glass swimming pool.

Unforgettable sensory experiences at the Cristal Spa

Ice fountain: big thrills

Enjoy the benefits of an ice fountain as it gives you a natural thermal massage. Inspired by Scandinavian rituals in which people roll in the snow several times while basking in a sauna or a steam room, the ice crystals offer your body a much-needed boost that stimulates your circulation. When combined with the soothing properties of hot steam, it helps eliminate toxins and relieve aching, heavy legs. Nothing short of a “fountain of youth”!

Experience showers: going with the flow

Styled like a relaxing stroll, the experience shower provides four different sensations thanks to water jets set at different pressures and temperatures. The experience is accompanied by a range of scents and lights that transform this Zen moment into a “private bubble of well-being.”

Treatments for recharging your batteries at the Cristal Spa

After this aquatic immersion, bathed in feelings of peacefulness and tranquillity, get comfortable in one of the 5 booths featuring soothing music and calming. Two of them are for couples, and all offer treatments and massages to round off your experience. If you look up, you can admire reproductions of renowned masterpieces by Michelangelo and Botticelli as they take you into a world of beauty and sophistication. The Cinq Mondes treatment protocols for body and face in addition of Swiss brand Alpeor, combine to provide you with delight, calm and inner harmony. Finally, you can complete your well-being experience in the relaxation room with its herbal tea bar.

Everything in the private, exclusive Cristal Spa is designed with the pleasure of the senses in mind, to make you feel like you are in “SPAradise”!
Décupler votre énergie

Boost your energy at the Cristal Spa

The fitness suite is a perfect stop before or after your spa session. It is located next to the well-being space and its Technogym technology offers everything you need for cardio and resistance training. All users will be able to enjoy static bikes, treadmills, and resistance training benches. Cutting-edge equipment and machines enable you to stay focused and in shape, even while on holiday or during business trips to Annecy. The ideal addition to runs or energetic walks along the banks of the lake between the Pélican Hotel and the Impérial Palace (15 minutes). You can also inquire about the seasonal paddleboarding sessions offered by the Impérial Palace. Whatever your passion, run, cycle and workout in style.

Dive in head-first…

Whether you are a guest at the Pélican Hotel, at the Impérial Palace, or just passing through, the Cristal Spa is a space devoted to your well-being throughout the seasons. Having taken all the necessary public health measures, the spa is open every day for pre-booked treatments lasting at least €140, and provides free bathrobes, towels, and slippers.