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The rooms at the Pélican Hotel:
a unique concept inspired by senses and emotions

The four-star Pélican Hotel boasts 94 rooms and 6 suites spread across 5 categories. Classic, Superior, Prestige or Mezzanine for the rooms, followed by the Pélican Lake Suite, the Experience Suite and the Executive Suites. The interior designer Hervé Lefilattre wanted to go beyond mere decoration to offer a sensory immersion within each space. All the rooms and suites have been created with an emphasis on materials, textures, an omnipresence of plants, and light. This final aspect accompanies guests through the Pélican Hotel in Annecy from the first corridor and continues across the five floors of rooms and suites. Read on for a guided tour in a blend of inspiration and exaltation.

“Each of our rooms and suites is the expression of our vision of ‘true luxury,’ offering our guests the best of a hotel combined with the privacy of an ephemeral ‘room of one’s own.”
Olivier Pollet-Villard, proprietor

The four-star Pélican Hotel in Annecy: a new vision of hotel rooms

The rooms and suites at the Pélican Hotel are all designed in the style of a “walk-in wardrobe.” There are no interior doors to cupboards and other storage units. This is the result of the owners’ observation that so many guests forget their belongings at hotels. In a reflection of the Pélican Hotel’s cosmopolitan image, the rooms have therefore been built to be entirely open-plan, offering both a living space and a place to rest. The showers in the suites are quite original, with the unique addition of dual shower heads. Combining modernity and vintage styles depending on whether guests find themselves in the historic “Cèdre” part or the new “La Scène” extension, the décor throughout marries sophistication and design in neutral shades and hints of Pelican blue.

The four-star Pélican Hotel on the banks of Lake Annecy: materials and sensations

Driven by the dual concepts of space and privacy, the Classic, Superior, Mezzanine and Prestige/Privilege rooms, and the Executive, Experience and Pelican Lake suites all offer couples and families an exclusive yet welcoming showcase of prestige hotel services in the heart of Annecy. The unique atmosphere that exudes from these rooms and suites is largely down to the timelessly elegant colours of greige, smoke, slate and, of course, splashes of Pelican blue. In this discreet setting, the bespoke furniture, marble and dark wood combine enchantingly to add modernity and refinement to the comfort of a refuge designed with fulfilment and personal discovery in mind.

A guided tour of the rooms and suites of the Pélican Hotel

To get to your room or suite after stepping out of the lift, you will walk down a corridor with a Pelican blue floor speckled with shimmering reflections. Look up, and you will see a “moonbeam on the water,” a subtle effect created by the alchemy of beaten metal and a light installation.
In front of your home-from-home, push open the oak door. And don’t worry about walking into the wrong one – every room and suite is identified by a majestic number hung on the entrance.

With its Classic rooms scattered across all the floors (except the top level) providing views over the Basilica of the Visitation or Lake Annecy, the Pélican Hotel is an extraordinary establishment that combines past and present. The historic building (Le Cèdre) and its new extension (La Scène) have seen the rise of rooms and suites in a new, exciting style…

Dive into history and stories at the Pélican Hotel

The Pélican Hotel has several surprises up its sleeve, such as the Superior and Prestige rooms, some of which have terraces, the generous, four-person Mezzanine rooms, and the top-floor suites. This final level is quite particular, nestled under the rooftop of the old building.

While each space is exceptional, the Experience suite is truly unique and a must for guests at the Pélican Hotel. It offers a fully immersive, igloo-shaped room, a round bed and a panoramic projector covering surface. Thanks to this singular feature, you can discover the starry galaxy, the waters of Lake Annecy or even a tropical forest. More than enough to make you feel in a world of your own!

Finally, the Pélican Lake Suite and its 650 ft² terrace is the crown jewel of the new part of this prestigious establishment.

Welcome to the Pélican Hotel in Annecy.