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a natural appeal in all four seasons

Discussing Annecy means talking about a rare, privileged living environment whose reputation over the last few centuries has spread across the world. Today, it continues to attract an increasing number of visitors and new residents alike. Adored by property developers, the town has placed its inhabitants’ quality of life at the heart of its modern expansion plans to ensure it remains the Alpine gem that has helped craft its appeal.
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Annecy’s irresistible, quintessential charm

Discussing Annecy means depicting a picture-postcard setting nestled between the mountains that surround the cleanest lake in Europe. The legendary Mont Blanc stands proudly on the horizon, visible from the 18-acres Pâquier Park and the Jardins de l’Europe with its ancient trees next to the Impérial Palace. The backdrop to this spectacular scene is the old town and its crisscrossing canals branching off from the River Thiou, all of which has seen Annecy nicknamed the “Venice of the French Alps.”
As you walk along its paved alleyways, you will discover vaulted arcades home to bistros and restaurants, colourful markets spilling onto the street, the château square at the Quai de l’Evêché, welcoming terraces and listed monuments, the Palais de l’Isle and the national stud farm, the old Mint, the Hôtel de Sales, the Basilica of the Visitation and the former episcopal palace.
Each of your steps will take you to new places steeped in stories and history. But don’t be fooled by first impressions. Annecy is so much more than a sleeping beauty, a holiday destination exclusively designed for both summer and winter tourism, and a world-class setting for lakeside walking.

Local dynamism driving economic success

Annecy is also the leading economic hub in the Haute-Savoie region, the epicentre of the newly designated municipal area and the “capital” of the département, home to a number of prestigious industry leaders including Sopra, NTN-SNR, Mecalac, Entremont, Maped, Dassault, Salomon and Fusalp. There are also remarkable start-up incubators driving creativity and economic renewal. This incredibly dense business fabric blends industrial and tertiary sectors, and is naturally accompanied by sports and alpine companies. Last but not least, Annecy is home to flagship hotels and restaurants including a selection of Michelin-star establishments. Together, these gems have made the town a choice destination for corporate travellers and foodies alike, while providing a budding and fixed source of local employment.
In a word (or several), whether you are a resident, a tourist, a captain of industry, an employee or a retiree, Annecy has a natural appeal that wins over everyone who experiences it. Hardly surprising! A breath of fresh air does us all good!