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Take a unique trip through Annecy in an exceptional setting

Annecy is a multi-faceted destination defined by incredible sites dotted around the clearest lake in Europe. However, on the “left bank,” there are no prestigious hotels next to the old town. With the notable exception, of course, of the Pélican. This establishment combines elegance and daring to showcase the town’s past and future in terms of architecture and the natural setting with views over the lake and the Basilica of the Visitation.

A change of scenery from the town hall to Pâquier park and the banks of the lake

The Pélican Hotel boasts picture-postcard views over the clearest lake in Europe. These include private vistas from your bedroom windows and “full frame” perspectives from the terraces at the Ô Bon Bec restaurant and the pool bar with its heated outdoor pool. Some may venture past the Lebanese cedar, planted at the former hospital’s inauguration and now standing at over 80 feet tall, in search of an even better view. Planting a tree for the inauguration of a building is a local tradition, steeped in poetry and hopes of a long life. And after more than a century, the cedar is still standing, casting a gentle shade over the hotel’s pétanque area and certainly not obstructing the view of the lake! The Impérial Palace sits in the distance and the Jardin des Européens and its remarkable trees can be seen further along. Lastly, the Pâquier park, gifted by a local family and the Count de Menthon in 1613, is just a few minutes’ walk from the hotel. And with that, the scene is set!

A stone’s throw from the cobbled streets of Annecy’s old town

Of course, you can also enjoy the glass ceiling and terrace at the restaurant, the lake with its public beach just minutes away. Meanwhile, the Basilica of the Visitation towers on the horizon, offering views over the whole town just a short stroll away. And the nearby Mount Semnoz is perfect for hikes through the forest.
The entrance to the old town is right next to the hotel, with its winding cobbled streets that take you through centuries of Annecy’s history to its ancestral Perrière and Sainte-Claire gates, its old prisons and the River Thiou that guides you gently towards the markets and shops. Exploring the old town from the Pélican Hotel is a way to discover Annecy in a different and almost secret light. Think of the hotel as a lock – and you now have the key.

Explore the reed beds by the lake

This bank of lake Annecy is also the one that leads to Sévrier, Saint-Jorioz and up to Duingt, known as the “pearl of the lake.” You will find unique, protected plant ecosystems of reed beds along the water’s edge, along with beaches, diving and water-skiing centres, restaurants and bistros. More than enough to give you a change of scenery without travelling more than a few miles. The Pélican Hotel invites you into a world of beauty just minutes from your room. Here you will discover new experiences and wild landscapes like you have never seen before. And if you complete the loop of the lake, you will pass through Angon, Talloires, Menthon-Saint-Bernard and Chavoire, finishing your adventure back at the hotel. Alternatively, at just a few minutes’ stroll from the Pélican, you can also take a cruise across the lake with the Compagnie des Bateaux d’Annecy. Bon voyage!