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Bar & Lounge avec une vue imprenable sur le lac d'Annecy

On vous donne rendez-vous à partir du 1er mai sous notre Cèdre libanais pour profiter d'un Gin ou d'un cocktail avec l'une des vues les plus imprenables sur le Lac d'Annecy !

Pour toute information :
+33 (0)4 50 09 35 00

How beautiful... and good...

To continue its singularity, the hotel Le Pélican has imagined a place where the contemplation of the lake can be experienced while sipping a drink. Comfortably curled up in the sofas of the lounge area, sheltered under the branches of the hundred-year-old cedar, it is time to let go. Gin lovers, it's here and nowhere else. Spritz, Rosé, the perfume of summer is diffused on the terrace.

All that will be missing are the cicadas...

On the Place des Lices, a game of pétanque is accompanied by a rosé. In Marseille, it is impossible to go without a Pastis or a Ricard! O Cedar, which drink will you choose to challenge your partners on our courts?

Live Music Set in front of the lake

From May to September, Live Music takes place outdoors from 6.30pm to 10pm every Wednesday and Friday! What better way to enjoy a chilled-out atmosphere at sunset with a live music programme?