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Hôtel Le Pélican, a place where liveliness meets elegance

Discover our special evenings, enchanting settings and seasonal delights that add a unique touch to your stay.

At the Hôtel Le Pélican, Karo invites itself to the Ô Bon Bec restaurant to make it "the place to be" in Annecy

Join us every Friday night for an electrifying atmosphere with Karo's DJ Sets. Get carried away by the lively rhythms, create unforgettable memories and immerse yourself in the warm atmosphere that characterises our evenings. Whether you're a music lover or just looking for a fun night out, Karo's sessions are designed to brighten up the start of your weekend.

Christmas enchantment: The Illuminated Cedar

Immerse yourself in the festive spirit at Hôtel Le Pélican, where our magical decorations create a magical atmosphere. Our illuminated cedar is the centrepiece, transforming the establishment into an enchanting place. Discover the magic of Christmas, share warm moments and create memories that will brighten up your festive season.

Ô Cèdre: Summer relaxation with a view of the lake from our terrace bar!

In summer, our Ô Cèdre Terrace Bar offers a summer escape with a breathtaking view over Lake Annecy. Enjoy refreshing cocktails, savour delicious food and let yourself be carried away by the open-air musical entertainment. An unforgettable summer getaway in an enchanting setting.

Ô Bon Bec & Ô Bon Pain: festive and gourmet addresses

Explore the festive delights of our gourmet addresses, Ô Bon Bec and Ô Bon Pain, in perfect symbiosis with the events of the year! Succulent culinary creations add a delicious and refined touch to every event. During traditional events such as the Venetian Carnival, the Descente des Alpages and the Fête du Lac, special platters, cocktails and menus are concocted by the chef at the O Bon Bec restaurant to add a delicious dimension to these occasions. For the festive season, visit the Ô Bon Pain bakery to try our logs or the galette des rois...