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Step out of the ordinary and into the unique style of the Pélican Hotel

The Pélican Hotel is a project that intimately and elegantly blends history, modernity and ecology with local heritage and produce. A special focus on nature is present throughout, coupled with a subtly natural aesthetic combining materials, symbols, environmental commitments and regional identity. The alchemy between the history of the former Pélican building, “Le Cèdre,” and the new construction, known as “La Scène,” is a testament to this philosophy. In the new, prestigious hotel, there is a tangible drive to pay tribute to history while stepping forward into the future.

The Pélican Hotel: did you say “cosmopolitan”?

One side features a historical building dating back more than 100 years and steeped in years of “hospitality.” Today it is championed by the symbol of the Pélican and a majestic tree representing its heritage… At the time, it was customary to plant a tree when any building was inaugurated. For the launch of the Pélican Hotel, the team decided on a century-old Lebanese cedar standing at over 80 feet tall. This tree in the hotels gardens has seen countless people walk past it. It represents the passage of time and the life of this unique place so loved by the people of Annecy. This part of the Pélican Hotel bears its name: “Le Cèdre.”

The other side is the new part of the Pélican Hotel, named “La Scène” and designed by architect Christian de Portzamparc. The recent construction is styled like a cliff, a rugged mountain forged by nature and the elements. With its magnificent park to the rear, this building boasts a fabulous minerality and contributes to the cosmopolitan concept underpinning the Pélican Hotel. Inspiration is drawn from the lake and the mountains – the roots of this new addition to such a historic building.

Step into a sense-sational hotel

From the moment you arrive in front of the building, your eyes will be fixed on the 17 sunbeams lining the floor of the entrance, a symbol of good fortune and an invitation into this singular place. Your adventure elsewhere has already begun. The reception of the Pélican Hotel is designed to bring you “aboard” a new trip through the hotel experience. Crafted with vertical posts of wood, the desk in the lobby is as impressive as it is discreet. In fact, it shifts from visible to invisible depending on whether you are looking at it face-on or from the side. This optical illusion is the first of its kind in a hotel, and a sign of privacy, confidentiality and original style. Next to it, a space surrounded with bay windows is perfect for welcoming newly arrived groups while they wait to check in. This area can also be made private by simply closing the doors.

Look up to the skies and drink in the scenery

The ceiling that leads you from the reception to the rooms and the restaurant on the first floor features a sky scene strewn with dozens of origami pelicans in the canopy. This atmosphere is accompanied by an immersive experience with animal and forest sounds to plunge guests into a whole new world. You can also follow the scent of fresh bread to the Ô bon Pain bakery on the ground floor, where sandwiches and signature cakes can be enjoyed sitting down or to take away. A unique new way to take a delicious break…

Follow the guide

Dynamic LED lighting leads the way, adapting to the light outside to lend a fresh energy to your arrival. The closer you get to the lake, the dimmer the artificial lighting becomes to let the natural light flood in. And as you emerge from the canopy to pursue this luminous path up to the rooms, you can follow the hammered metal ceiling, a nod to the light of the moon on the lake, that reflects onto the Pélican Blue colour of the floor…

Rooms off the beaten path

Transparency and light were the owners’ watchwords when designing the hotel. As a result, there are no cupboard doors or drawers, and a keen focus on interplaying reflections – just like the rest of the hotel. Mirrors are positioned to optimise the light and offer incredible views over the lake or the Basilica of the Visitation. Meanwhile, the balconies and terraces offer a front-row seat to the endless horizon. What’s more, both the balconies and terraces are generously proportioned, with the largest spanning up to 650 ft²!

Star in your own culinary adventure

The Pélican will leave you speechless with its on-site bakery serving fresh bread and cakes and ice creams. These delicacies can be enjoyed in the lobby under the canopy or in the chic, atypical gourmet bistro, Ô Bon Bec.
See for yourself... You are the star of the show when it comes to your culinary adventure. Choose your dishes, small or large, and admire the glass-walled wine and cheese cellars that look like haute couture showcases. Design your own menu based on your appetite, and enjoy a tailor-made dining experience in the cosy lounge areas, under the glass ceiling, on the terrace or directly at the bar.