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Ô Bon Bec:
a restaurant serving mouth-watering
culinary creativity in Annecy

If you like places oozing with character, packed with energy and flavour, you’ve come to the right place. Ô Bon Bec draws on its passion and good taste to champion its local roots and work with regional producers. The result is a truly unique, original restaurant. Whether in the dining areas or in the kitchens, you can expect creativity, seasonal products, and everything foodies could ever wish for.
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The ideal setting for a gourmet-bistro experience

You will discover Ô Bon Bec on the first floor after walking through a canopy buzzing with the sounds of birdsong. More than enough to pique your curiosity! The restaurant entrance showcases a wide selection of generous magnums, aged cheeses, and matured meats that would make anyone’s mouth water.

As you make your way through, admire the stylish combination of history and modernity in the contemporary design paired with traditional artisanry. The fine materials, innovative textures, singular colours and atypical spaces are perfect for both privacy and shared moments. Forget everything you thought you knew about restaurants, and take a seat at Ô Bon Bec.

Make yourself at home

Uniformity is far from the house motto. The restaurant’s generous space spanning 3,000 ft² enabled interior designer Hervé Lefillatre to express his full daring and flair in welcoming guests and meeting every expectation. The coffee tables and benches at the entrance are a nod to classic seating arrangements, while the standing tables near the windows offer a refreshing contrast. A dividable sofa, reminiscent of the vintage “conversation chairs” of old, add a pinch of designer style and originality to the lounge area. Meanwhile, the bar features high stools overlooking the kitchens and offering prime views of the chefs at work in an innovative and interactive approach to the restaurant experience.

Revisiting the classics
of our culinary heritage

Open-mindedness is not a word used lightly here. The restaurant welcomes both hotel guests and foodies passing through, and the “backstage” of the kitchens is visible to all. This orchestra of culinary energy and deft movements is joined by exclusive views of the prestigious wine cellar filled with premium vintages - a spectacle rounded off by the prime meats and aged cheeses waiting to be sampled. Meanwhile, the menu showcases local specialities and producers to delight diners and revisit the full panoply of international and regional cuisines. This heavenly experience is made possible by Sylvain Fombertasse, the executive chef of the Ô Bon Bec restaurant, who cooks up the full charm and revamped traditions of Annecy’s gourmet scene.

The art of serving up first-class gastronomy

If you love tapas, then take a seat. Everything with big flavours is available as an irresistible, bite-sized morsel, including oysters, melt-in-the-mouth bellota, and even scaled-down versions of dishes from the menu. The ideal way to work up an appetite over a glass of wine. Choose from seven local Savoie cheeses and countless others in the aging cellar selected by the master ripener and Finest Craftsperson in France titleholder Marc Dubouloz. Each cheese exudes the full terroir and identity of its region – you can almost taste the history of our culinary heritage with every bite!
O Bon Bec

Ô Bon Bec,
the height
of hospitality!

This is the innovative, elegant concept behind the restaurant. Whether you want brunch or tapas, you can enjoy exceptional service wherever you want to sit – inside at a table, at the bar, on a sofa, under the glass ceiling, or on the terrace. Peruse, order, and get ready to be amazed. Both rare and chic, this approach to cuisine revisits the art of hospitality underpinned by the pleasure of delicious, perfectly presented dishes. So, whether you are guests at the hotel or one-off diners, sit back and soak up the sophisticated service.
Bon appétit!