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The Pélican, a hotel steeped in history in the heart of Annecy

This brand-new, prestigious hotel housed in a listed heritage building is ideally located at the entrance to Annecy’s old town facing the lake. Comprising an ancient wing and a recent structure that harmonises beautifully with the centuries-old setting, this innovative hotel has symbolically bridged the gap between history and modernity. Annecy has now welcomed its new flagship hotel.

An extraordinary hotel offering in Annecy

Annecy is adored by visitors, who all expect a hotel offering modernity, character, a warm welcome and close proximity to leisure and tourist activities on the banks of the blue lake. But the town is also popular with professionals, who want a hotel blending novelty and premium, efficient services for their meetings, group workshops and corporate events. And last but not least, the locals themselves are always on the lookout for fresh new ideas for family reunions and staycations. The Pélican Hotel meets this varied and increasingly high demand for rooms in Annecy, along with sophisticated hotel services combining charm and friendliness, just a short distance from all the fun activities in and around the town. This establishment is now standing proudly on the right bank of the lake in the heart of the “Venice of the French Alps,” just a stone’s throw from the pedestrianised old town and its cobbled streets lining the River Thiou.

More than a hotel, an iconic part of Annecy’s history

Ready for a history lesson? The original alms house was built in 1820 on the banks of Lake Annecy. In the years that followed, architect Prosper Dunant oversaw the construction of the first hospital building, which integrated the former Capuchin convent. The hospital gradually expanded, and this is exactly when the Pélican Hotel’s history really began. In an effort to enliven the monotone façade, the sculpture of a pelican was commissioned and installed on top of the gabled roof. Pelicans are known for fiercely defending their young and providing them with regular nourishment, and have come to symbolise charity and maternal love. The sculpture remains today, embodying the values of hospitality and protection, making it a marvellous coincidence that the site is now home to a hotel!

The Groupe PVG, guaranteeing an authentic, new-and-improved hotel experience

The Pélican Hotel is part of the regional Groupe PVG, which also owns the Impérial Palace located at the other end of Pâquier Park.
« In our family, time has always lent meaning to our actions. It has followed our history, rooted in humanity, hospitality, and lifestyle. Through our attachment to Annecy and its history, which is much like ours, we have closely intertwined the town’s standing and our own sense of personal and professional fulfilment.
The Pélican Hotel is the sixth hotel in our Group, and the second in Annecy, symbolising both accomplishment and renewal. We had dreamed of it for a long time before it finally became a reality. This hotel reflects our values and our philosophy of authenticity, and expresses our vision of art de vivre and generosity. We now invite you to make time stand still and to take your time in this unique hotel, where everything has been designed to offer bother privacy and space, service and discretion, relaxation and festivities, and shared moments whether with your family or your other half.
Gaston et Olivier Pollet-Villard, owners.

A unique new dynamic for your stay in Annecy

You have everything you need for a truly extraordinary stay, lunch or seminar, thanks to an innovative, experience-based concept with different surprises relayed throughout each space, extra-comfortable, stylish rooms, a pool bar and a heated outdoor pool for guests, a gourmet bistro restaurant, a bakery with homemade bread and a range of delicacies.

The full story of the Pélican Hotel in Annecy

  • 100 rooms and suites
  • Restaurant with a glass ceiling and a vast terrace overlooking the lake
  • Open-plan kitchen, tapas, a choice selection of meats, cheeses, desserts and wines
  • Live Music (DJ, Live group, etc.) every Wednesday and Friday from May.
  • The bakery Ô Bon Pain with seats for enjoying snacks in the lobby