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The Pélican, an ethical hotel focused on the environment, the human and the local economy

A small carbon footprint, local service providers and remaining in harmony with the surrounding area are not throwaway ideals in the construction and operation of this four-star hotel. In fact, they form a meaningful contribution to the environment and the local economy.

An eco-friendly hotel

Drawing on real energy innovations, the hotel has a very small carbon footprint. This is because the whole neighbourhood is linked up to a water loop system installed forty feet under the surface of Lake Annecy. This provides a local, renewable source of energy, as the lake water heats or cools the hotel and the surrounding buildings depending on the season. And in a major first for a French hotel, the Pélican has joined the 1% for the Planet global collective, meaning that 1% of the hotel profits will be donated to environmental groups and charities chosen by the collective.

An awareness of the need to welcome people with reduced mobility

4 rooms are specially equipped to welcome people with reduced mobility. The bathroom is equipped with a walk-in shower with a support bar and chair as well as ergonomic and suspended furniture to clear the space and facilitate the sliding of the lower limbs.
Access to the restaurant, the pool and the toilets in the common areas is by elevator and a dedicated parking lot is located in front of the hotel.
We graciously and with pleasure welcome guide dogs and provide wheelchairs upon request.
The staff, always attentive, is highly sensitized to the subject of disability and we are honored to count among our residents the players and team of the International Wheelchair Tennis Open.

No step too small for man or mankind

The four-star Pélican Hotel has signed two partnerships:
  • Unisoap, the first French group to recycle soap from hotels to offer hygiene products to communities in need. An environmental, humanitarian and social project. Find out more at unisoap.org

  • Les bouchons74, which collects and recycles plastic and traditional corks. The profits are used to finance projects to help people living with disabilities while reducing waste.

More recently, Le Pélican once again demonstrated its commitment to 1% For The Planet by donating part of its revenue to 3 associations working to protect our environment:

  • MiniBigForest, french association that aims to green our cities.

  • Le ASTERS Conservatoire départemental des espaces naturels de Haute-Savoie whose ambition is to preserve the mountains.

  • Halte à l'Obsolescence Programée which fights against waste and over-consumption.
  • A firm desire to work with local service providers

    Much of the work on the hotel was carried out by local businesses from the Haute-Savoie region, including LP Charpente, the Dunoyer group for carpentry, and Mermillod for electricity. Even the scaffolding was provided by a local company. This may seem like an obvious choice, but given the sheer scale of the project, the Groupe PVG made the major decision to include local players to sustain their skills and expertise while contributing to the local economy.

    Fully integrating into the local area and its history

    As the showcase for a neighbourhood designed more than ten years ago by architect Christian de Portzamparc, the hotel’s two buildings (the historic Le Cèdre and the new La Scène) were created to fit perfecting together while remaining in total harmony with their environment and the surrounding mountains. Local designer Hervé Lefillatre was given carte blanche in creating the interiors.