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Discover the artists who will ignite the scene of the Ô Cèdre terrace

Every Friday evening, immerse yourself in a unique musical universe with our selection of talented artists. Discover captivating performances where each style finds its place.Whether you are a fan of pop, rock, jazz or electronic music, our Live Music evenings offer an unforgettable experience for all tastes.
With a varied program each Friday evening is an invitation to discovery and escape. so discover or rediscover the groups that inspire you and go to Ô Cèdre to listen to them.
Discover the programmation
Duo Hellebore
Duo Hellebore


Discover HELLEBORE, a female duo full of energy, merging pop and international genres with the sweetness of French song. Their captivating vocal harmony blends perfectly with the piano and guitar melodies. Immerse yourself in a vibrant musical universe, where emotions come to life through a palette of rich and diverse influences..
Discover the Hellebore duo
Photo groupe Smart Melodies
Photo groupe Smart Melodies

Smart Melodies

Discover Smart Melodies, a music group where simplicity meets wonder. With just two voices and a guitar, this duo creates perfect harmony. Their varied repertoire includes covers of pop, soul, funk and jazz, in French and English. Their captivating interpretations of the most beautiful French and international songs will touch your heart.
Discover smart melodies
Trio An'Joy
Trio An'Joy

An'Joy duo/trio

Immerse yourself in the cheerful universe of Joy: a hoarse voice, a ukulele, and a touch of gentle madness that come together to revisit the great classics of French and international music. Accompanied by Lucas on guitar, this feel-good duo takes you on a musical journey ranging from pop to ballads, including variety, for the greatest pleasure for your ears, regardless of their age.
For an explosive trio, Joy and Lucas are joined by Jules, saxophonist! together they will transport you under their sun, rediscovering the great standards of French and international music, in a way that is sometimes captivating, sometimes catchy.
Discover joy's univers
Photo Steeve Ray
Photo Steeve Ray

Steeve Ray

Steeve Ray, a multi-talented artist based in Annecy, invites you on an unforgettable musical journey. Mastering piano, vocals, percussion and DJ decks, Steeve Ray fuses soul, jazz, funk and contemporary styles to create a captivating sonic experience.
Discover steeve ray
Photo Duo Soul Vibes
Photo Duo Soul Vibes

Soul Vibes

Discover the captivating universe of Soul Vibes, an irresistible duo composed of Laetitia on vocals and Patrice on bass. Their unique fusion of Soul, Rhythm & Blues and international music transports you through a varied repertoire of covers of the biggest names such as Stevie Wonder, Aretha Franklin, Jamiroquai, Blues Brothers, Joss Stone, Duffy, M, Bruno Mars, and many others. By reinventing these iconic titles, Soul Vibes reveals its creativity and energy on stage, for an unforgettable musical experience.
Discover Soul Vibes
Photo groupe PariSwing
Photo groupe PariSwing


PariSwinginvites you on a unique musical journey, transporting you from the effervescent atmosphere of Broadway theaters to the timeless streets of old Paris in Saint-Germain-des-Prés. Immerse yourself in a captivating repertoire that celebrates the vibrant cultural heritage of these two worlds, offering a musical experience rich in emotion and nostalgia.
Discover Pariswing
Photo Wawa West
Photo Wawa West

Wawa West

Discover Wawa West, an artist from Annecy whose pure voice and generosity captivate from the first notes. Solo or accompanied by his musicians, this emblematic figure of Annecy nights instantly transports you into a world of Soul, Jazz and Funk covers. Starting gently and then taking you into more festive rhythms, his musical set is an immersive experience.
Discover wawa west
Photo trio That's All Folk
Photo trio That's All Folk

That's All Folk

Immerse yourself in the captivating universe of the group from Tarentaise, where the sounds of bluegrass and traditional folk combine. With the voice and guitar of Adrien Garlin, the banjo and guitar of Laurent Chicoisne, and the double bass of Michael Clement, this group transports you from the great country anthems to the latest radio hits revisited in a bluegrass style. Their warm and festive atmosphere gives a unique touch to their concerts.
Original arrangements, vocal harmonies and expertise on banjo, mandolin, guitar and bassse font la marque de fabrique de ce quartet passionné par la musique nord-américaine.
Discover that's all folk
Photo duo Fleur et David
Photo duo Fleur et David

Fleur & David

Discover Fleur and Co, an exceptional guitar duo, accompanied by special guest David Delacotte. With a rock and powerful voice that captivates from the first notes, Fleur is a versatile artist, mastering the guitar, piano and singing. His varied musical universe mixes international pop and French songs, offering an eclectic experience to his audience.
discover fleur's univers