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The Venitian Carnival in Annecy

The Venitian Carnival in Annecy
The 27th edition of Venetian Carnival in Annecy will take place from 3td to 5th of March 2023 in the streets and parcs of Annecy.

History of Venetian Carnival in Annecy

March 1996 saw the beginning of the event in Annecy; the town is highlighted during three days with Italian colours and more specifically The venetian ones.
The 27th edition will be held in Annecy from 3rd to 5th of March.
This Carnival gets bigger and bigger each year and became very important in the city; it’s now one of the most expected events during the year in Annecy.

At the beginning, the Carnival was held only during one day and there were almost 150 masks in the parade. It’s only in 2006 that the Venetian Carnival begun to last 3 days, and it was conclude by a presentation on a podium which was installed in front of the town hall (Place Saint Francois), but now, because of the increase of guests and masks, the presentation is held inside the Europe gardens.

27th edition

You will have the opportunity to follow the different masks in the streets of the old Annecy and admire this beautiful and inescapable carnival. In a lovely atmosphere, almost 360 persons dressed with amazing traditional costumes and beautiful masks will parade in front of thousands of people.

A complete disorientation with Italian look-a-like which takes place each year in Annecy called “The Venice of the Alps” thanks to the beauty of the town and to different canals in the old Annecy.

Event program

Friday, a night parade in the Bonlieu Forum from 6 to 8pm.
From 10am to 6pm; free parade on le Pâquier, inside the different parks and in the streets. From 2pm, masks will parade on a podium inside the Europe Gardens.

It's happening Ô Bon Bec and at the Le Pélican hotel

From 3rd to 6th March, go to Ô Bon Bec to extend the experience!
Our signature cocktail, "The San Marco", made with Limoncello, Prosecco rosé and sparkling water is back to bring a traditional Italian touch to this very special weekend.
Discover also a plate of Italian charcuterie specially designed for the event and to accompany your cocktail!
The "Piatto di affettati" is composed of : Pancetta di vitello, mortadella al tartufo, coppa.

Information and booking for the restaurant Ô Bon Bec at (+33) or in the hotel Le Pélican at (+ 33) !