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The ecological commitments of the hotel Le Pélican

The ecological commitments of the hotel Le Pélican

As part of a resolutely respectful approach to the environment, the hotel Le Pélican manifests the commitments and initiatives that support it. The recent awarding of the Prix Coq Vert to Olivier Pollet-Villard by the Public Investment Bank and the approach of “Les Rencontres pour la Planète” of the collective “1% for the Planet” gave us the tempo to present to you in more detail the green attitude of our beautiful Annecy bird.

An energy innovation with its water loop

The new hotel flagship of the Annecy region aims for a very low carbon footprint, which represents a real challenge in the world of hotels and tourism. Le Pelican is warmed and refreshed thanks to a water loop, located 20 meters deep in Lake Annecy. You should know that water is usually drawn from groundwater while here, this energy innovation covers 95% of heating and domestic hot water needs and 100% of refreshments in the Avant-Scène district, Christian de Portzamparc's real estate project, of which Le Pélican hotel is an integral part. This local and renewable source consumes 15 times less energy than a conventional circuit and saves 2,250 tons of CO2 per year, a real achievement in this branch!

The "1% for the Planet" collective

Even before the first stone was laid, the team in charge of the development of this new establishment wanted to go even further by proposing that Le Pélican join the global collective "1% for the Planet"It is a network of philanthropic companies that work to protect the environment by committing to donate 1% of its annual turnover to approved associations. The Hotel Le Pélican thus paves the way for hotel establishments in France because it is a great first in the country. Le Pélican will reveal to you in due course the association(s) he wishes to support and the cause(s) he wishes to defend...
The collective being really invested, “1% for the Planet” organizes “Les Rencontres pour la Planète”, an online and in person event during which 40 environmental projects try to raise funds. The goal? Donate 1 million euros to deserving associations. See you in Paris on 5th and 6th October to meet the project leaders and the companies involved. Climate, energy, plastic pollution, international resilience, and others will be at the heart of the discussions at this unmissable event.

Highlighting local know-how

Wishing to highlight local know-how, Le Pélican has carefully chosen its artisans. The hotel makes it a point of honor to favor French artisans and their expertise and beautiful hand-made pieces dot the rooms of Le Pélican. Haut-Savoyard companies are in the spotlight, such as the Groupe Dunoyer for carpentry and bedroom offices or Mermillod for electricity. On the restaurant's terrace is a solid oak sharing table, made in Talloires by Johann Lebreton. And you should know that even scaffolding is a local service! A choice that is important given the scale of the project and of which Groupe PVG is proud. Psst... The interior designer Hervé Lefillatre is also Made in Haute-Savoie since he was born in Annecy, within the walls of the Hotel Le Pélican ;)

Partners who work for the environment

Ambitious, Le Pélican does not stop there and knows that every gesture counts for the environment. This is why the hotel collaborates with Unisoap, the first French association which collects and recycles soap from hotel establishments for humanitarian purposes. The goal? Transform this waste into resources to provide access to hygiene to vulnerable populations. Simple operation, for sustainable and united tourism.

On the same principle, Le Pélican is in partnership with Bouchons 74, a regional association which collects plastic caps and corks for recycling. The funds collected make it possible to come to the aid of people with disabilities and this action reduces waste, with an enhancement of the caps which are much better recycled than thrown in our beautiful forests!

In the rooms, we find Alpeor products, a new Cristal Spa brand which draws its richness from Swiss plants and takes special care in the composition of its treatments. Concerned about the environment, Le Pélican turned to the GM Group “Care about Earth” program to reduce single-use packaging which is still overused in the hospitality industry. Thus, minimum packaging is favored, and slipper pouches or laundry bags are made of kraft paper to prefer sustainable alternatives.

Ô Bon Bec, we do not skimp with the planet!

On the menu of the Ô Bon Bec restaurant, beautiful products are selected by Sylvain Fombertasse, chef of the restaurant and his team. Seasonal fruits and vegetables are sublimated, organic and local farming is favored and whether from breakfast to dinner, including aperitif, vegetarian products are available. Responsible and committed gastronomy to delight all taste buds!

In short, Le Pélican is an establishment that aims to be respectful of the surrounding nature and which hopes to revolutionize the codes of the hotel industry towards more sustainable tourism. Hereinabove, a list of commitments that only needs to be extended... To be continued :)