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Imperial Annecy Festival

Imperial Annecy Festival
From August 13 to 23, 2024, jazz, classical music and humour are invited to the Imperial Palace Annecy!

A 9e edition the Imperial Annecy Festival

The Impérial Annecy Festival returns for its 9ᵉ edition, once again promising unforgettable moments of conviviality, discovery and musical diversity. The festival, to be held at the Impérial Palace Annecy, brings together talented artists of national and international renown, as well as up-and-coming young talent.

An eclectic festival

The Impérial Annecy Festival offers a rich and varied program, blending Jazz, Classical Music and Humor through some 20 concerts and shows, 10 of which are free. This harmonious blend of genres allows festival-goers to enjoy unique musical experiences and discover new artistic horizons.

Evening format

Two evening formats will punctuate the festival:

  • 6pm: A free discovery concert on the Hip Bar terracefacing Lake Annecy. These concerts, which require no advance booking and are subject to availability, offer a relaxed, convivial atmosphere ideal for an aperitif. 

  • 9pm: An exceptional concert or show in the Salle de l'Europe at the Centre de Congrès Impérial - Grand Annecy. Among these evenings, six VIP events require prior reservation and are subject to a fee depending on the category of seat chosen.

Detailed programming

This year's line-up features a variety of renowned talents, selected by our loyal programmers: Anne Habermeyer for comedy, Benoit Sitzia for classical, and Philippe Martel and Kristin Marion for jazz. Here's a glimpse of the performances that will thrill, laugh and applaud you:

  • Tuesday, August 13 :
    6pm: Les Suricats Septet (Jazz) - Who says meerkats can't play jazz?
    9pm: Big Band Christian Garros (Jazz) - Prepare to be swept away by a wave of notes! 

  • Wednesday, August 14 :
    6pm: Kimsar (Pop Folk) - Pop, folk and lots of fun.
    9pm: Noemi Waysfeldt Trio (Classical) - Because classical can be fun too! 

  • Thursday, August 15 :
    6pm: Adrien Moignard (Jazz) - Solos that will make you say “Wow”.
    9pm: Gunhild Carling (Jazz VIP) - Jazz with a hint of madness. 

  • Friday, August 16 :
    6pm: AC/Déchets (Humor) - Parodic rock that will make you laugh out loud.
    9pm: Alex Vizorek “Ad Vitam” (VIP Humor) - Get your abs ready for an intensive laughter workout. 

  • Saturday August 17 :
    8pm: Ensemble ARS Nova (Classical) at Église Sainte Bernadette - A touch of solemnity, but with a smile! 

  • Sunday August 18:
    6pm: Atine (World Music) - A musical world tour in 80 minutes.
    9pm: Renaud Capuçon & Friends (Classique VIP) - Virtuosos and friends, what more could you ask for? 

  • Monday, August 19 :
    6pm: Rey Trio (Jazz) - The trio that will revolutionize your perception of jazz.
    9pm: Diane Tell (Jazz VIP) - A VIP evening for lovers of exceptional jazz. 

  • Tuesday, August 20 :
    6pm: Lazcar Volcano (Jazz) - Jazz that will make your ears explode with pleasure.
    9pm: Kenny Garrett (Jazz VIP) - The ultimate in jazz for an unforgettable evening. 

  • Wednesday, August 21 :
    6pm: Yesterday (Humor) - Because it's better to laugh at yesterday today.
    9pm: Olivier de Benoist “Le Petit Dernier” (VIP Humor) - Beware, you may leave with laughter cramps! 

  • Thursday August 22nd :
    6pm: Trio Tikismikis (World Music) - Music that will have you dancing without realizing it.
    9pm: Mademoizel Quartet (Classical) - Classical with a modern twist. 

  • Friday August 23rd :
    6pm: Mister Hole Swing (Humor) - Swinging humor.
    9pm: New, l'Impromusical (Humor - improvised musical) - A musical where anything can happen, even the impossible.

Practical information

For more details on the artists and to reserve your tickets, visit theofficial festival website. The 6 p.m. concerts on the terraces do not require advance booking, while the 9 p.m. shows and VIP evenings do.

Contact us on +33 (0)4 50 09 38 38 or spectacles@imperialpalace.fr for any questions or reservations.

 See you soon at Impérial Palace for unforgettable moments of artistic sharing and emotion!