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Hôtel Le Pélican supports "1% for the Planet

Hôtel Le Pélican supports "1% for the Planet

A flight towards a greener future future with "1% for the Planet


At a time when ecological awareness has become paramount, implementing concrete measures to help preserve our planet has become a major challenge for many companies.

At Hôtel Le Pélican, as part of our membership of the worldwide "1% for the Planet" movement, we have decided to donate part of our income to associations that are close to our hearts. And because we don't do things by halves, we have chosen to support not one, not two, but three associations, each playing a unique and major role in protecting our environment.


Mini Big Forest

Because small gestures can make a big difference, we were particularly inspired by this initiative to green our cities. With a donation of €15,393, we are planting the seeds of a greener future, where urban woodlands are sometimes as plentiful as the feathers on a pelican's back.


Le ASTERS Conservatoire départemental des espaces naturels de Haute-Savoie

In the majestic mountains of Haute-Savoie, there are natural treasures to be preserved. With a donation of €15,000, we're helping to protect these gems, ensuring that our mountains remain as wild and beautiful as possible for generations to come.


Halte à l'obsolescence programmée

We are all aware that programmed obsolescence represents a major challenge that could darken our future. But by donating €10,000 to this association dedicated to fighting this scourge, we are sending a clear message: we will not allow our planet to be trapped in a cycle of waste and over-consumption.



Since 2021, we have also been donating part of our income to UNISOAP, which collects and recycles our soaps for humanitarian purposes.
By supporting these associations, we are further strengthening the link that can be forged between man and nature. We invite our customers and partners to join us on this journey towards a greener, more sustainable and brighter future by discovering all our commitments !