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A chocolate Rodrigues !

A chocolate Rodrigues !
Rodrigues will be present in its chocolate verison, Ô Bon Pain for the Easter holidays!

Who is Rodrigues ?

Before finding refuge at the hotel Le Pélican, Rodrigues made a long journey from the Atlantic coast. He owes his wings and his beak to Katrine Gaultier, a passionate artist.
The fruit of her labour, he was born of wire, resin and blue paint. Meet her at the hotel reception.
Discover Katrine Gaultier, creator of this colourful pelican!

Our effigy to enjoy

Rodrigues has become the mascot of our establishment and will be the star of our bakery for Easter this year! He is ready to land at Ô Bon Pain!
Whether you choose dark chocolate (extra bitter) or milk chocolate (extra bitter milky), Rodrigues will awaken your taste buds with its composition of Valrhona's Grands Crus.
It will be available at Ô Bon Pain from the end of March at a price of 15€.
Contact the bakery Ô Bon Pain at or the hotel Le Pélican at