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The four-star Pélican Hotel in Annecy serves up a new approach to gastronomy

Gourmet cuisine, high-end bistro fare, the warm atmosphere of sitting down together at a table – dining or coffee – on a sofa or at the bar, enjoying a drink, some tapas or a local specialty crafted by the talented, ingenious chef. These are all at the core of the innovative concept at the Pélican Hotel. Revolutionising the classic restaurant experience while showcasing the finest regional produce, chef Sylvain Fombertasse, Ô Bon Pain bakery and the owners of the prestigious Pélican Hotel have dreamed up a multifaceted vision of hospitality with you in mind. A sincere, deeply human, delicious and good-natured adventure to be enjoyed to your heart’s content, just a stone’s throw from Annecy’s old town.

Dinner is served: discover what it really means to eat at the Pélican

Here, we taste, we savor, we taste, we dine to music and we even eat sandwiches in the lobby. ! However, improvisation, slapdash work, quick fixes and amateurism are not on the menu. The Pélican is not like other hotels. Its concept was patiently bubbling away like a delicious dish before the establishment opened its restaurant, boutique bakery and pool bar. After all, it took time to find the right “recipe”: the kitchen needed a fired-up team and a chef with a bit of bite to spice things up; the dining area had to have a delectable waiting staff with a taste for service and a knack for putting people immediately at ease. And then, of course, the hotel needed local artisans, farmers and producers whose products and authentic know-how contribute to the generosity and “come-back-soon” vibe of this lively Annecy restaurant.

A unique restaurant experience with guests as stars of the show

There are no endless lists of dishes or complicated menus at the Ô Bon Bec restaurant. Not only are you, the guest, the star of the show, but you have the last word on everything. Magnificent glass showcases present matured meats for exceptional steak tartares and prime ribs of beef – quite the rarity! This cave of wonders also features the finest hams and other delicacies to feast your eyes upon before they are served to your table.

While you scan the selection, you will also spot a number of aged cheeses from the renowned Dubouloz cheesemonger, signature cakes sitting enticingly under their glass domes, and a modern glass-fronted cellar filled to the brim with fine wines at the entrance.

But remember, it’s up to you: You can always indulge in a cocktail and a single oyster if you feel like it!

As you enter the Ô Bon Bec restaurant, you may hesitate for a second: sofas, tables, glass-roofed dining area, terrace or lounge? Wherever you decide to get comfortable, the attentive staff will bring everything right to you.

Alternatively, you can take a seat on the front row of the restaurant, at the bar crafted in black wood where foodies flock in droves. From your prime position, you can discover a selection of hot and cold plates depending on the time of day, along with the chefs cooking before your very eyes in the open-plan kitchen.

Bread-worshipping at Ô Bon Pain bakery

You’ll never go hungry before a hike or if you’re feeling a little peckish at the four-star Pélican Hotel. You can choose your snack, cake or ice cream and have everything brought to you in the lobby as you get comfortable under the canopy and listen to the birds singing. The proofing cabinet, the oven wafting delicious scents throughout the hotel entrance, the red and black counter, the customers popping in to buy a baguette, and the presentation cases filled with the freshest flavours all accompany your check-in, check-out, and every time you walk through the lobby of the Pélican Hotel. A unique feature in Annecy, the delicious fragrances from the hotel’s Ô Bon Pain bakery reach right into the street and throughout the neighbourhood. Great news for local residents, who can come and pick up fresh bread and homemade pastries while admiring the Pélican’s beautiful entrance. And your children will love this iconic, sweet-and-savoury boutique as they charge their treats to your room!

Perfectly balanced simplicity and authentic flavours at the Ô Bon Bec restaurant

With fresh produce and everything cooked on the day, it’s all hands on deck from the crack of dawn. The kitchen team and Sylvain Fombertasse – a.k.a. the gourmet genie – all peel, chop and slice deftly, generously, and above all, calmly. Quite a rare sight in a professional kitchen!

Everything here is homemade. So when it comes to the products used in each recipe, the restaurant offering at the Pélican relies on a simple philosophy: Nothing but the best. The menu features leading classics such as traditional and Savoyard eggs Benedict and an international tapas selection. But that’s not all…
The clear-cut, delicious vision pursued by the chef changes with the seasons and the daily selection of produce. Professional chef Sylvain Fombertasse, who trained in the prestigious Paul Bocuse brasseries and with Meilleur Ouvrier de France titleholder and pastry chef Jean-Paul Pignol, actually used to work at the Impérial Palace in the brasserie and as part of the banquet department. Today, he is a pioneer of fine taste who cares deeply about working with regional artisans. As he sees things, local sourcing is just as important as using seasonal products and infusing his cuisine with unique character. Driven by this ideal, he concocts delicious dishes and cooks his inventive creations to order, ensuring consistent, incredible quality that will have guests wanting to order one of everything on the menu.

Whether you have a big appetite or you’re just a little peckish, the fun, innovative restaurant concept at the Pélican Hotel guarantees a truly unique, gourmet culinary experience.