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The culinary skill od the Ô Bon Pain by Rouge at the Pelican hotel in Annecy: a mouth-watering experience!

You read it right: The Pélican Hotel has opened its very own branch of the Maître Artisan Rouge bakery.

Guests are more than welcome, of course, but so are members of the public. Everyone can enjoy fresh bread, pastries, cakes and the full expertise of “La Boulangerie Rouge,” a local Annecy institution founded in 1927. This is yet another original way for the hotel to be “the best thing since sliced bread,” while delighting its guests at every meal and offering the residents of the Marquisats neighbourhood a unique service.

A unique concept in Annecy, exclusively at the Pélican

Indulging in the flavours of the Maître Artisan Rouge bakery without leaving the hotel is enough to get guests’ mouths watering as soon as they wake up. The concept is both simple and obvious: Why would you look elsewhere for the best bread, hot croissants, brioche and cakes that your guests will be enjoying from morning to night at brunches, the restaurant and the pool bar? This question led to a partnership between the imaginative hotel and the renowned baker... The bakery was originally meant to be the hotel’s supplier – or purveyor, if you will. But why stop there? Why not also open up the bakery to people in the Marquisats neighbourhood? Just as no two loaves of bread are the same, there is no other place like this in Annecy!

A fresh, delicious experience for all the senses

As the breads and other products are made fresh, the “flavour magicians” get to work with elegance and skill from the crack of dawn. Their hands massage, knead, cut, shape and roll before everything is put in the oven. As they say themselves: “Making fresh products is a lot of work!” The delicious results include traditional, crusty French baguettes, generously garnished slices of bread stretching as far as the eye can see, brioche stuffed full of pralines, and pain au chocolat and croissants waiting to be served at breakfast. But you can also expect the Rouge Bakery’s leading local classics, such as thin, caramelised tarts and signature cakes presented under glass domes, crafted by the resident gourmet pastry chef. These latter delicacies can be enjoyed on plates served in the lobby, the restaurant, or as room service. And for guests and the public looking for a little something pre- or post-walk, there are “seasonal snacks” you can order to take away or enjoy by the pool.

Blending modernity and tradition

The space’s design features matt black, stainless steel, tiles, platters and central serving trolleys, paired with sleek marble and natural oak work surfaces, showcases for the pastries, and shelves lined with fresh bread waiting to be devoured.

Here, everything is designed to offer customers a “sensory fanfare” revisiting both childhood delights and baking tradition. After all, Ô Bon Pain by Rouge is first and foremost a welcoming space that conjures up memories, driven by its core principles of artisanry and authenticity. There is no traditional bakery backroom; instead, everything is arranged just like at home, with fruit juices and a coffee machine in pride of place on the counter.

So, what will it be today?

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La Boulangerie Rouge:
an ambassador for “good taste”
and artisanal know-how

Everything started in 1927 with the bakery managed by Jean-François Rouge’s grandfather. Although separated by almost a century, Jean François is the worthy heir to the “original bakery.” Since the age of 15, he has put his passion into continuing this story written in flour, yeast, and early mornings spent cooking the first batches while the world is asleep. You could say it’s a family calling, passed naturally down through the generations. Needless to say, when he was invited to be a part of the Pélican’s unique project, he didn’t think twice.
“I am proud to have my name associated with the Pollet-Villard family; it completely matches my company’s forward-thinking vision. The idea of developing this tradition with a longstanding family who is still present in the Annecy of today was entirely natural for me.”
Jean-François Rouge